We focus on bringing value and solve challenges through research, dialogue and education

The Institute for Peace, Security & Development (IPSED) is a nonprofit research institute based in Somalia dedicated to promote peace and security, Policy analysis, Gender empowerment and Economic development.


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Institute for Peace, Security & Development (IPSED) mission is to be a leading institute for knowledge and skill based in the field of peace, security, Gender empowerment and economic development to be recognised as a reliable institution for academic and research excellence. IPSED work is independent of vested interests and partisan influences. IPSED act as an intellectual centre creating space for principles-centric and results-oriented dialogue. The Mission of IPSED is to offer demand based education capacity training in the specialised field of peace and security and Gender empowerment to students and other stakeholders, as well as adoptive peace and security through research, dialogue and other outreach activities in Somalia.


• Conflict, peace and governance:
• Initiating dialogues with governments, lawmakers, businesses and civil society
• Facilitating networking between like-minded individuals
• Publishing cutting-edge research work
• Peace operations and peacebuilding
• Gender empowerment
• Providing thought leadership
• Women and Peace and building
• Organising educational programmes
• Transitional justice and reconciliation


• Professionalism, excellence, and accountability
• Democratic governance and human rights
• Respect for diversity and fairness
• Collaboration and partnership
• Knowledge as an asset
• Honesty and integrity
• Sustainability