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MA In Peace, Governance And Development

MA In Peace, Governance And Development

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The Institute for Peace, Security & Development (IPSED) is a nonprofit research institute based in Somalia dedicated to promote peace and security, research and Economic development. Institute for Peace, Security & Development (IPSED) mission is to be a leading institute for knowledge and skill based in the field of peace, security and economic development to be recognized as a reliable institution for academic and research excellence.

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MA in Peace, Governance & Development

The program will offer 12 courses over 12 months, totaling 36 academic credits. A final 15000-word research paper (Dissertation) worth 6credits will be mandatory for the award of Master of Arts. Each student will be expected to attend a 3 weeks face to face course on Research Methods and Introduction to Peace and conflict. After that students will take a maximum of 4 courses online per semester. The course will be completed with a final dissertation which will be presented during the period of residency and graduation. Given the various professional commitments of students, the MA program can be completed via two routes:

a. Full time online-only (FO): This corresponds to completion of all required credits online, and a Dissertation within 12 months from the date of registration;

b. Part time online only (PT): Completion of all required credits and a Dissertation anytime from 18 months amount to part time study. 18 months is the maximum time period to validate all academic requirements, after-which the student will only be eligible for a Certificate of Completion.


2. Introduction to peace and conflict studies (3 CREDITS)

3. Conflict management, mediation and negotiation in Africa (3 CREDITS)

 4. Human rights, Justice and Peace in Africa (3CREDITS)

5. Gender peace and human security in Africa (3 CREDITS)

6. Peace education and conflict transformation (3 CREDITS)

7. African political and economic governance (3 CREDITS)

8. Governance and transformative leadership (3 CREDITS)

 9. Environmental Security and Governance (3 CREDITS)

10. Approaches to Development in Africa (3 CREDITS)

 11. Post conflict reconstruction and Development (3 CREDITS)

 12. Project management, Social media and development (3 CREDITS)


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