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PhD In Peace, Governance And Development

PhD In Peace, Governance And Development

PhD Program

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The Institute for Peace, Security & Development (IPSED) is a nonprofit research institute based in Somalia dedicated to promote peace and security, research and Economic development. Institute for Peace, Security & Development (IPSED) mission is to be a leading institute for knowledge and skill based in the field of peace, security and economic development to be recognized as a reliable institution for academic and research excellence.

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Ph.D. Program Objectives
The program seeks to achieve the following specific
To Promote Multi-disciplinary, multi-national, multi-actor
research and education in the areas of governance, security
and development;


  • Contribute fresh insights and cutting edge innovations
    that build on a “science of governance, security and
  • Provide a web-based collaborative workspace for
    practitioners and scholars;
  • Facilitate students to produce articles of such a quality
    as to be acceptable in international peer-reviewed journals;
  • Add a competent, scholarly voice from Africa in the
    major global debates on governance, security and
  • Encourage collaboration between government, civil
    society and academia in addressing societal problems of
    governance, security, and development.

Timely Completion of the PhD
The Ph.D. program is designed to be completed within 3-4 years. The
program is structured to enable and encourage timely completion of
the Program. For the typical Ph.D. candidate, all requirements of the
Ph.D. Candidature should be completed by the end of the first year,
and the thesis topic will usually be approved by the end of the second
year after the mentoring by the supervisor. Ph.D. candidates are
ordinarily required to defend their Ph.D. thesis in not less than 3 years
and not more than 5 years from the time they enroll in the program.
Any additional extension will attract 25% of the entire tuition fee.
Because of the way the program is structured, all students are expected
to graduate within the specified periods (normally three to four years).
Should a student fail to graduate within this time period, the program
may be forced to terminate the student’s enrollment unless an
extension of time to complete the degree has been approved by the
Committee and UPEACE. The program will grant the first extension of
no more than a year on the recommendation of the student’s mentor and
the Director of the UPEACE Africa Regional Program. Extensions will
not be more than two (2) years

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