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memorandum of Understanding with Admas University Puntland (AUP)

On 23th-Tuesday. March-2021Institute For Peace, Security & Development (IPSED)
signed Memorandum of Understanding with Admas University Puntland (AUP) for enhancing on friendship cooperation in the area of Academic, cultural and scientific thought including personal and institutional knowledge exchange through research and institutional capacity building.

Admas University Puntland (AUP)

Admas University Puntland is a branch of Admas university which is an internationally accredited and highly reputed privet higher education and learning institution based in Ethiopia, The Puntland office branch commenced its operation in 2014 as the first internationally accredited privet university.

Ipsed is an established research centre that strives to strengthen its research and educational abilities and has entered into various collaborative arrangements with others to enhance its academic links and cooperation.

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